Arno Grotjahn and the story behind his Winton Wall

In the town of Winton he become a local legend and tourist attraction for the wall he had built over a long period of time. The wall made of scrap parts, motorbikes, lawn mowers, sewing machines and anything else you can think off, became a place to look and mavel at - what could you find inbedded in Arno's wall. In later life Arno chose Winton to escape the world and to live out his twilight years. But the man himself had lived an interesting life, German by birth, he emigrated to Australia in 1965 and went opal mining, before moving into Winton. He had been shot in the chest when fighting for the French Foreign Legion in Vietnam 1948 - 52. He was a big man and had done time in prison for bashing a French Officer. He recieved a monthly pension from the French Goverment (for Legion service) until the day he died. He had met Adolf Hitler as a boy in German his father had worked at the German shipyards during the war and during a visit to the the shipyards by Hitler. Young Arno saw Him approach - he said he I gave him the Nazi salute and said Heil-Hitler, Arno recalls that Hitler returned the salute. Arno was no angel many of his views were not always main stream but Arno was an individual that walked his own path and those type of individuals give character and interest to life itself. I am sure his wall will continue to give much enjoyment to those that visit Winton