Terms & Conditions/Refunds

We have penalties if tours are cancelled close to the time of departure. The penalties may also apply in cases of sudden injury or illness. We recommend travel insurance.

Cancellation Penalties are as follows:

  • 72hrs or more notice - full refund*
  • Less than 72hrs notice - no refund

* Where bookings are made through a booking agent / third party, and the conditions of that party differ from ours, the most stringent condition shall apply. Where agents take an administration fee during refunds, the refund amount specified in our conditions will be reduced by such a fee.

In the unfortunate event that a tour has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances that are outside our ability to control a full refund will be provided; however Tour Townsville accepts no responsibility for other costs incurred or associated costs caused by such a cancellation.

Conditions for Tour Townsville, please read through the important information below.

Conditions of entry:

  • The ticket holder agrees that whilst joining us at Tour Townsville, he/she shall, Act only in a lawful manner;

  • Comply with all reasonable demands, directions and requests given by Tour Townsville, employees, servants and/or agents;
  • xercise all due care and control for own safety and for that of their family members under their control or supervision.
  • Tour Townsville retains the right to deny access and/or eject visitors who are being a public nuisance, acting recklessly or failing to observe directions from signage or Tour Townsville staff.
  • Tour Townsville, its employees and agents shall not be liable, either in contract or for negligence, for any injury loss or damage, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, arising out of or caused by the condition of the land, any building or structure within the site, any natural or other hazard, or by any activity on the site.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult who shall be solely responsible for their care and conduct whilst on Site.

Please be aware:

Open and Close Dates, and any blackout

  • Business closed period 10 December to 20 Jan (inclusive)
  • Business closed Easter Holiday Period Friday to Monday